HOLD ONTO YOUR BUNS | JJ’s Red Hots is putting a new spin on catering

Say hello to Frank the Tank – our hard work- ing hot dog cart that is sure to turn heads!

Another boring ice cold box lunch? Same old taco bar? We think not! Invite Frank to your next corporate gig, company picnic, summer- time soiree – or just because it’s a gorgeous Tuesday. It’s the best hot dog you have ever had in your life!

What do ya say? Make lunch fun again!

Rent Frank!
$200 investment includes up to 2-3 hours of onsite grilling with a minimum of 2 staff members. Minimum food and beverage total: $500. We bring all necessary paper products, cutlery and any other special requests. Just sit back, relax and let JJ’s Red Hots do all the work.

Custom food and beverage quotes available upon request. Email Frank@jjsredhots.com. We will respond in 24 hours or less.

School and other discounts may apply


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Hours vary by location.

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