Our Story

Let’s get this straight. JJ’s Red Hots is not a restaurant. It’s a hot dog joint that serves what we believe are the best hot dogs on the planet. It is a place where service and value still mean something. In fact, we believe that serving you is a privilege, how do you like that for old school? We also believe strongly in the quality of the products we serve.

It matters that we serve Sahlen’s smokehouse hot dogs and sausages – who has been making premium quality products since 1869. It matters that we toast our Martin’s potato rolls, and it matters that we hand-craft pretty much everything else. Our chili, onion rings, borracho beans and sausage – among other items – are made in-house. We hope you enjoy our hot dogs, sausages and chicken as much as we enjoy preparing them and serving them to you.

JJs 10th anniversary!

Over the last few months, I have been reflecting on the last 10 years and what this milestone means – not only to me and my family – but to our team members, guests and purveyors. And the common thread through all of this is simply ‘GRATITUDE.’

I am grateful to our team for keeping JJ’s Red Hots afloat through the startup phase, our growth due to the fortunate national exposure we received through the Triple D television show, and especially during the pandemic, when things were at their darkest.

So thankful for our guests for their patronage, their patience, and their continued support in the face of a global pandemic, rising costs, and labor woes. It gives me so much pleasure to have served you for 10 years. Your kindness and passion for our brand have been a much needed source of therapy for me.

And finally, our purveyors who have been with us from the start, who have supported this concept from the very beginning and continue to do so.

I hope everyone has a great 4 th of July, and from the bottom of my soul, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jonathan Luther

10th Anniversary Beer

Decaphonic a 6.6% pale ale, created in collaboration with Amor Artis Brewing. This beer is old school in all the best ways. Slight malt backbone from light Munich Malt. Look for Centennial and Cascade hops to bring balanced bitterness with a lovely amount of pine, citrus, and floral notes.

4packs available in store! *while supplies last.